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Elevating Presentation, Facilitation, and Communication Skills for leaders and teams.

Developing Leaders at all Levels

Regardless of business function the ability to articulate a vision and values, rally others around our passions then execute action plans are the most critical skills of leaders at all levels today. Everyone benefits by following leaders who guide with clear expectations and provide consistent, constructive feedback while encouraging just enough wiggle room for individuality. Cultivating persuasive, influential leaders is, in fact an organization’s competitive advantage.

Developing Cohesive Teams

How can we get our teams “rowing in the same direction?” The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is NOT a training module but a customized, facilitated learning experience guiding individuals, leaders and teams to build cohesive teams able to repeat their performance consistently. Powered by Everything DiSC®, the three part profiles help participants understand their own DiSC® preferred working styles, their unique contributions to the team and the team’s ratings on five vital behaviors for success.

Developing Presenters and Train the Trainer

Developing Presenters and Train the Trainer

There’s just no excuse for boring lectures given what we know about adult learning theory, brain development and techniques proven to engage and retain audience attention and learning retention. So why are we still falling asleep in conference rooms with media presentations sporting bulleted word lists and data points? Whether speaking to a city council, courtroom jury, staff at the annual meeting or conference audience, we must do more than just present content.

Sheila K. Consulting

We are expert consultants, facilitators, trainers and coaches committed to supporting leaders


Using our proprietary tools personalized to each learner’s needs, our business and professional solutions follow a rigorous assessment process.


Customized solutions to:

  • Teach & Coach Internal Trainers and Facilitators
  • Re-energize Even Seasoned Trainers with New Tools and Techniques
  • Develop Dynamic Keynote or Conference Presentations and Workshops
  • Redesign Boring Training with Media and Materials that WOW Audiences
  • Guide Emerging Leaders to Articulate then Engage Others Around Their Vision
  • Facilitate Incredible Team Events and Meetings

Potential Leadership and Training Program Options:

• One or two-day leadership training retreats.

• Half day Everything DiSC Assessment sessions or series of sessions.

• Train the trainer workshops plus individual coaching sessions

• Coaching only series including assessments, observations and recommendations

• Keynotes and conference workshops